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Psychological Concepts in Asimov's Foundation Series: Exploring Biases and Heuristics in Character Interactions

In Isaac Asimov's groundbreaking Foundation series, readers are immersed in a vast universe where the actions and decisions of characters shape the course of civilizations. Beyond the science fiction elements, Asimov's work provides fascinating insights into various psychological concepts, including cognitive biases and heuristics. This article delves into some notable examples of these concepts as portrayed in the Foundation series, shedding light on the intricacies of human behavior and decision-making. One prominent cognitive bias found in the Foundation series is confirmation bias. This bias is the tendency to seek and interpret information that confirms one's preexisting beliefs. In "Foundation," we see this in the character of Hari Seldon, who has a preconceived notion that the galactic empire is doomed to fall. He selectively focuses on evidence that supports his prediction, ignoring contradictory information. The availability heuristic, a mental shortcut w