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Existential Dread and the Unknown in Asimov's Science Fiction

Asimov's science fiction stories, such as "Nightfall," offer a compelling exploration of characters' fears and anxieties, shedding light on psychological concepts related to existential dread and the unknown. Through his vivid narratives, Asimov delves into the depths of human emotions, presenting scenarios where individuals grapple with the overwhelming weight of the unknown. In "Nightfall," Asimov presents a society that experiences perpetual daylight due to the presence of multiple suns. However, once every couple of millennia, darkness descends upon the world, triggering immense fear and anxiety in the inhabitants. The characters' reactions reflect existential dread, as they are confronted with the unfamiliar and the uncharted. The story highlights the fragility of human psychology when faced with the unknown, ultimately leading to chaos and despair. In another notable work, "The Last Question," Asimov delves into the theme of humanity'